Maryana and Olya in: Giantess Survival Training 4K Version VR360 – Winzlings Shrinking Clips shoe fetish jeans fetish

Maryana and Olya in: Giantess Survival Training 4K Version VR360 - Winzlings Shrinking Clips shoe fetish jeans fetishTo find more videos from
Winzlings Shrinking Clips
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Studio:Winzlings Shrinking Clips
Length:55 min
It is highly recommended for unaware, sneaker,feet,. Outfit : Maryana :. Olya : Tight jeans, white socks, long leather. But Romain suddenly feels dizzy and falls to the. Maryana and. The girls decide. Not to mention their. But Romain has always had. (Scene where the camera is on. The girls discuss everything and anything, stamping their feet. Romain is still in the. Romain noticed that the boot was moving and saw. So there's no need to put the whole time outside: the first 5 minutes when she walks out of the flat, 5 minutes to eat and another 5 minutes to return to the flat.  Scene 3 : Maryana and Olya are back at the flat, Romain is divided he doesn't know if it's the best or worst day. Olya turns the boots over and says: There's nothing in. Nothing's falling out of my boot Maryana tells her: That must be your imagination, but what's Romain doing? I'm fed up waiting Olya says, crushing her foot on Maryana's shoe: Stop complaining and hold on, but the pain is imaginary ahahah???? Romain finds himself crushed between Olya's smelly socked foot. Olya takes off her boots and turns them around, then at the. Romain ends up. But Maryana, who has a sore foot, comes to massage the top of her shoe, saying and looking at Olya: But you hurt me too much, you're crazy! Romain finds himself being massaged by Maryana's fingers after the pain he's been through, he's happy to have a bit. Then Maryana says: And my. Maryana lies. Romain hangs on to Maryana's shoe as best he. Maryana says: You can take them off please Olya sighs and says: ok Olya takes off Maryana's shoes but Romain ends up in Olya's. The girls act out their scenes and recite their. Maryana pretends to have a sore foot and. Then afterwards when she lies on her. The 2 girls sit back down on the. Olya puts her hand on the top of Maryana's thigh and says: Do you feel better? Maryana replies: Yes, so much so, but I. He thinks that Maryana never. Maryana. Then, just before the last...