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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:19 min
 I want a growth video that is very similar to the stressful growth video, except with a bit more focus on foot growth.
Velvet has a. She starts to get stressed. But unfortunately, she already has that. She says that she hopes her boyfriend doesn't mind a date with a 9-foot-tall woman again.
The 2nd incident takes place. She hopes that the doctor can help her with. She looks down and sees her feet and toes getting longer.(close-up. Her skirt rides up her ass and her shirt gets tighter as her arms extend and grow, Her feet. Her skirt and shirt begin ripping. She says how the doctor told her that she should only take the potion in parts over a. So she downs the entire vial she got. At first, she doesn't feel anything and thinks. But then suddenly she feels. Eventually, her shoes can't take it anymore and. All the while she feels very turned on during the. She tries to lay down on. Have a close-up shot of her giant feet to show how massive...