Kaya Can't Cough Up Rent Money Once Again – Sweet Southern Feet SSF f foot worship

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Studio:Sweet Southern Feet SSF
Length:31 min
for this month? Kaya apologizes and tells her she just doesnt have enough but she will get it to her next month. Jazmine is furious! She hasnt paid rent for consecutive months now and now she cant pay it this month because of the dress she just bought;. She tells Kaya she is sick and tired of having to work all the time and paying rent when all Kaya does is buy new stuff every day and then not having enough money for rent when its due. She tells her she is going to throw her out on the street and shes going to feel stupid with that expensive dress on with no place to live. Kaya begs and begs but her pleading only makes Jazmine continue to give her a mouth full. She demands Kaya to get down on her knees and to suck her toes. Kaya is so scared she puts up no fight and gives her no hesitation. She begins sucking her room mates toes like a small cock. She licks up and down both wrinkly soles, covering them in thick spit. Apparently, she isnt doing a very good job because Jazmine at several times reaches down and yanks Kayas hair to dominate her down harder on them until she can feel her tonsils. She trash talks her and puts her down the whole time. All poor Kaya can do is cry, whine, and suck. She slides her tongue in every space between Jazmines toes. Seeing the dress...