Showing Off My Newfound Super Strength (FULL HD) – Tara Tainton schoolgirl spanking forbidden sex

Showing Off My Newfound Super Strength (FULL HD) - Tara Tainton schoolgirl spanking forbidden sexTo find more videos from
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Studio:Tara Tainton
Length:29 min
as usual. I couldnt lift a thing, couldnt stretch, could barely totter on my own two feet. A delivery changed my entire day... my entire life! I was still skeptical, didnt take a sip until after a nourishing nap. I thought, what the hell?! and drank up. And then, it started to happen. My body tightening and changing shape, my eyesight correcting in a single blink, my muscles developing and enlarging... all right before my eyes!! And... and... when I felt something changing beneath my clothes, I pulled and yanked and ripped to reveal... a shiny new uniform suitable for a real hero! The gym was no longer a challenge but a game... I could lift immense wait with merely one little finger, I could run faster than a speeding bullet... and the fun and games only ended when I heard a distant cry for help... BUY NOW to experience superheroine, supergirl, female domination, growth fetish, muscular women, muscle worship, strength, calf muscles, biceps, bodybuilding, exercise & fitness, costume, transformation fantasy, clothes destruction, erotic magic, blonde, breast bouncing, cleavage, upskirt, boots, sneakers, eye glasses, weightlifting, legs, clothes ripping, powerful woman, flexing ...and the exclusive, intensely intimate experience of being with ME. Pssst... its me, Tara. Have you heard? The one and only Tara Tainton SHOP is now open! Lets get truly PERSONAL. Im also AVAILABLE for you, in so many exciting ways. SCROLL ALL THE WAY UP for where to catch me—if you can. Dont miss out on all the fun happening between videos. ~ SPECIAL OFFER ~...