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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:10 min
I watch the muscles in her arm flex as she reveals this to me. She teases me by doing a half pushup so her breasts come near my face. She says I might like a different view. When Keri Taylor captures me, she tells me shes going to smother me with her cleavage and gorgeous bare arms, which are two of my favorite parts of her body. Having teased me with her cleavage, she begins showing me close-ups of her breasts and cleavage before burying my face in them and I observe her arm muscles flexing. She then tells me Id prefer another view. She pulls me under her breasts and does half pushups so her breasts are close to my face. She tells me she is going to smother me with the parts of her body I like best, her gorgeous bare arms and her cleavage, after she captures me. My attention is caught as she gives me close-ups of...