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about the table.

“Well, now its time for a midnight snack.”

Still half asleep, she begins licking tinies from her table – sticking them to her tongue and savoring them as they enter her mouth with a pleasured moan or a predatory growl.

“Mmmm, so tasty.”

She rubs her pussy on the table in front of them with a laugh, ass stretched into the air above before turning around and licking her nipple. With careful aim, she drops her wet nipple onto one of the tiny men – allowing the stickly saliva to cling him to her breast. She retracts from the table, and licks the tiny struggling snack from her breast, before trying to repeat with the other boob. He pushes free from her saliva before her mouth can take him – but he doesnt get far before he too meets destiny.

“Look!” She says, spotting a tiny hiding on the far end of the table. “You tried to escape? From my stomach. From my mouth.” She circles to his side of the table, so filled with passion and rage and hunger that she doesnt even realize when the houses containing her good tinies are crushed beneath her breasts as she leans down to bite him from the table – growling with ecstasy as her mouth claims its juicy prize. As her chest retreats from the table, she enjoys her last snack for the night – closing her eyes while she feels his final squirms.

“Oh no! I crushed the houses.” She says, panicked at the sight that first greets her opened eyes. She inspects the debris, realizing that none of her prisoners have survived – except for you.

Anna snatches you from the table, anguished that shell need to search for new captives – but she sees another! An escapee who got farther than all the rest. She sets you on...