Straight Up Barefoot Ball Busting – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS slave double domination

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future vacation plans. The Mean Girls LOVE going on vacations, especially somewhere warm where they get to splurge on bikinis with their betas credit cards. Princess Mia said she was going on a sub funded vacation and that her slave could afford to pay for ONE more girl.   Princess Amber and Princess Skylar BOTH wanna go on this vacation (obviously!) and therefore argue over who should get to go! Princess Mia comes up with an idea to help choose who gets to go with her on this sub funded vaction that would involve a fun competition between Amber and Skylar. Princess Mia calls in some losers to help settle the dilema. One slave is tied up and handcuffed so it CANNOT move.   The two other betas get handcuffed to the legs of the restrained beta to hold its legs open, leaving its beta dick and balls vulnerable. Princess Mia explains that the girls must take turns stomping, kicking and punching its cock and balls. The girl who breaks the beta gets to go on vacation with Mia (seems fair enough!) Things seem to go smoothly at firs, Princess Amber and Princess Skylar play nice and take turns inflicting pain on the slave.   The more the slave screams in pain, the more the other girl wants to go again (so not to lose! LOL) Eventually Princess Amber and Princess Skylar get a little too competitive and start beating on this loser NONSTOP! They are sooooo wrapped up in breaking it that they competely ignore Princess Mia telling them the winner has been chosen!!!!! You...