Biderman's Chart: 1) ISOLATION goddess worship mesmerize

Biderman's Chart: 1) ISOLATION goddess worship mesmerizeBiderman's Chart: 1) ISOLATION goddess worship mesmerizeTo find more videos from
Goddess Madam Violet
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Studio:Goddess Madam Violet
Length:23 minutes
mind, shatter your psyche and own your soul. Apparently thats a bad thing. Ruining men is sooooo easy for Me. Especially when there is a clearly laid out 8 stage programme to help Me achieve My aims. In order to ensure that you are not a reluctant victim I will require your full verbal consent. You want Me to DOMINATE you entirely, OWN you completely? I need to BREAK you utterly. One step at a time, TOGETHER. Isolation, monopolisation of perception, humiliation and degradationthats just the start. SO much FUN to be had with your mind. Your body, your dick. We start with ISOLATION. I will mesmerise you to CRAVE isolation because I want you alone, with...