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Length:24 min
tightly tied together. Tiny pants will not stop her from being whipped. The whipping begins slowly and almost gently, until the leather belt and the hard strokes make her scream. You can request a custom clip with your fetish if you want. Feel free to contact us (email is above). Experience the brutal whipping of Sangini who questions her decision to participate in such cruel treatment. With her elbows tied very closely together, her hair pulled up, and her ass exposed in an arousing fashion, she is ready to be whipped. Tiny pants wont stop her. It starts slow and almost gentle, but the leather belt and hard strokes make her scream Feel free to contact us (email address above) if youd like custom clips based on your fetish. You can enjoy a merciless whipping session for Sangini who is questioned about her decision to participate in such a cruel act. With her elbows tied so tightly together, hair pulled up and secure and an arousing position, her ass is exposed. The pain is excruciating. Tiny pant leggings will not prevent her. The...