Anna Lemon and the final Five 6K VR 360 – Winzlings Shrinking Clips s shrinking fetish

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Winzlings Shrinking Clips
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Studio:Winzlings Shrinking Clips
Length:36 min
head to toe. “And now... exciting time!” she can hardly contain herself as she lifts her bare foot above you, threateningly. You feel your time will come to an end in the same way as countless bugs as her foot approaches. You wince, waiting for the pain – but instead you hear a command in her godly feminine voice, “Lick it.” She rubs her bare foot over you – little specks of dust and hair cover her soles, but you lick as much as a tiny man possibly can, until you hear her next command: “And now. Ask me to save your life... Asssk me.”

“I can crush your...” She looks down, pondering her next move, “legs!” Her big toe drops directly onto you as the words leave her mouth. The pressure and the pain of your newly broken limbs is unbearable – in stark contrast to the laughing brunette, glowing with a cruel smile. “I heard how your bones crushed, its so amazing! Ahhh! It makes me so happy. Ahahaha.”

She sees you crying from the pain, and mockingly tells you to stop as she caresses your mangled form with both the tops and bottoms of her powerful toes. “But I think... I think I have to... its so fast, come on guy. Come on, tiny bug. I need moreeee. More pain. More crushed bonesss... Say goodbye.” Sitting down, with her feet in your face – she leans forward and kisses the air before her foot quickly descends and crushes your ribs and your arms. Amazingly, and to the delight of Anna, youve survived her little stomp. She knows you want desperately for this to end – and desperately you want to cling to life, “But this isnt your day. Its my day! Byeeee!” She says, standing up and grinding your body into a stain on her floor as more cruel and horrifying words leave her mouth.

“I need more juice. I need more bones.”


Person 2:

You stand on one of Annas dining room chairs as she approaches in white stockings, a red plaid skirt, and a matching top (her sexy schoolgirl outfit) – the sound of her heels clicking audibly on the hardwood below. “Hello,” she says, sweetly, striking a pose in the door-frame while she stares at you.

She presses her heel into the chair in front of you – clearly showing that shes chosen not to wear panties under the short skirt. “Do you know... what is the day, today? Today is the day (your life ends). Ahaha!”

Anna jumps to her feet, announcing her plan to sit on you. Her bare ass descends faster than you could possibly run, and presses you into the cushion. She twists, and twists, and twists, getting up to see whether or not youve survived – you have, so she tries again, and fails again.

“Do you know, today... I will crush... all your bones.” She says, repositioning you to be between her legs as she sits down – rubbing you against her pussy. “You can still have a chance to survive.” She says, pulling you from between her legs and giving you a quick lick, before pushing you down again, “If you go inside my pussy.”

“You can try.” She says, spreading her lips as she drops her pussy onto you. “Ohhh I think maybe I broke something – thats why you couldnt handle it. Awww, poor guy... You had a chance to save...