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does seems sufficient anymore to make her happy. While at the mall earlier in the day, he finds a lipstick at a kiosk that promises to make the wearer highly aroused and attracted to her mate. A peace offering from Dalvinas husband, he is eager to see if the lipstick is as advertised. Barefoot. No nudity. The couple has been fighting recently. He cant seem to make Dalvina happy anymore. Nothing he says or does is ever good enough. He finds a lipstick at the mall earlier that day that promises to enchant her with her mate and make her highly aroused. He gives Dalvina the lipstick as a peace offering and is anxious to see if it works. Barefoot. No nudity. Recently, Dalvina and her husband have been fighting. Nothing he does or says is ever enough to make her happy anymore. A lipstick...